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Toya Bungkah Hot Spring

Things to do and see in Bali - Batur Natural Hot Spring Bali Indonesia (Air Panas Toya Bungkah) Sightseeing The Must See A...

  • Batur Tengah, Kintamani,

Penatahan Hot Spring

Treasures, Hidden On The Island - Bali's Undiscovered Hot Springs and Waterfalls Undiscovered Hot Springs - Yeh Panas Natural Hot Spring Bal...

  • Pitra, Penebel,

Angseri Hot Spring Bali Indonesia

 Angseri Hot Spring Bali Indonesia (Air Panas Angseri Bali) If you want to visit Angseri Hot Spring, which is located in the district of Taban...

  • Angseri, Baturiti

Banjar Hot Spring Bali

Banjar Hot Spring Bali Indonesia or Air Panas Banjar Bali Indonesia, is a must see attraction and one of the ‘colder’ Hot Springs in Ba...

  • Jalan Banjar, Lovina