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Lovina - Cities and Areas

The City of Lovina A Coastal City in the North of Bali Lovina - Starting point for the Dolphin Tour on Bali's North Coast  Lovina has ...

  • Lovina Singaraja Buleleng

Tukad Bangkung Bridge Bali

Tukad Bangkung Bridge Bali - One of the Highest in Asia Did you know that Bali has one of the highest bridges in Asia? Tukad Bangkung Bridge...

  • Jl. Catur, Belok Sidan

Andakasa Temple Bali

Bali's 9 Key Directional Temples That Face A Variety Of Mountains, Lakes or Oceans Andakasa Temple Bali (Pura Luhur Andakasa Bali) Anda...

  • Antiga, Manggis

Uluwatu Temple Bali

Uluwatu Temple Bali's 9 Key Directional Temples That Face a Variety of Mountains, Lakes or Oceans Uluwatu Temple also named Pura...

  • Pecatu Kuta Selatan