Ubud Green Resort Villa

Om Swastyastu! It‘s the first phrase of greeting you will learn upon arrival in Bali, and we at Ubud Green want to warmly welcome you as well, to our website and to your stay at Ubud Green Resort Villa, a 16-villa property located on an 8,000 m2 at the center of Ubud’s spiritually charming environment.

Ubud Green Resort Villa is designed to capture the sweeping beauty of Ubud’s terraced rice field landscape, offering a guest experience that is intimate, unique, and seasoned generously with Balinese hospitality. Our friendly staff members, carefully chosen from the local population, stand ready to pamper you from the heart.

Ubud Green is a modern interpretation of Balinese local culture. The design of the Resort, a fine example of ‘green’ architecture, compensates for the impact made on the environment through a careful devotion to eco-consciousness. Indigenous vegetation has been implanted in living rooftops and vertical walls. Water and energy are conserved through the use of responsible methods, materials and practices. Building materials are chemical and toxic free. Overlooking the beauty of terraced rice fields and lush green paddies amid the fresh breezes that descend from the surrounding hilltops, Ubud Green enjoys a unique marriage with environment, rewarding our visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience.

With a soft opening on 15 June 2011, attended by local residents and dedicated employees, Ubud Green is now in full swing. As the local community benefits from the presence of the Resort through its employment of staff members and community services, we at Ubud Green benefit also through the creativity of the community and a sense of joint ownership - a combination which we feel ensures success for all.

Environment Friendly Innovations

Ubud green was created with a minimal carbon foot print trough the use of sustainable building material and environment friendly innovations.

Energy Efficient Retreat

The concept of living rooftops and vertical walls has a significant cooling effect on villa interior and minimize the use of air conditioning. Together with solar hot water system, Ubud Green is energy efficient retreat. 

Gracious indulgence in generous space

Ubud Green resort villas, entirely build with implementation of green architecture, environmental friendly innovations, a significant effort on energy efficient and personalize hospitality services. 

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om - May peace be with us always.

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