Water Activities Tips

Water Activities Tips

Rafting is a popular activity favor in young and old, men and women. Get wet, fun and enjoy the challenge of strong water currents rocked, buffeted udder rapids and snaking between the rocks is a thrilling sensation. See spectacular scenery along the river. What an amazing experience and would not be forgotten. Behind the beauty and thrill rafting, danger will be threat in any moment along the rapids. Although rafting is done on the river with difficulty levels that are not too high and impassable for tourists, but the rapids remain dangerous for tourists when we get stuck in it.

Be careful and always keep safety first is the key to safe and fun in white water rafting. The first thing we have to consider if you want to do rafting is choose a reputable Bali rafting provider, experienced and give priority to safety rather than competitive rates.

Rainy season is the best time to do this tour adventure. Because the water level will be high, fast enough and big rapids, really an interesting challenge. Although high river discharge, experienced operators still consider the safety and continue to monitor the high water level of the river. When the river is getting bigger and stronger, usually operators will cancel the rafting on the spot.

Wear a comfortable T-shirt, if the fear of a black or hot sun burned arm, wear long-sleeved shirts. In order for the foot to move freely, wear shorts (shorts field). Do not wear trousers because of the weight and the foot does not move freely in the boat. Long pants are also difficult to swim. Do not use shorts or cotton fabric with no ties or belts.

Wear a hat and dark glasses when not stand the glare of sunlight. Then that must be imposed pengarung rapids is a fitting helmet head, not too small (it will cause pain) or too large, loose (making it easy to move and could close my eyes). Be sure to choose a good helmet, not broken or cracked and there is still a chin strap. If there is no rope, helmets will be easily separated and lost.

Helmets used in white water rafting to protect the head from collision stones when we plunged into the river. Helmets are also useful to protect the head from impact from guests who pecicilan rowing in the boat. Do not forget to use sun block or sunscreen is waterproof to protect the skin of the face and arm from sunburn.

Select a buoy provided rafting operators that fits in the body, a float that will make the shortness of the body too small and difficult breathing, while the greatness that will not make the body float up correctly. In fact, buoys will be easily detached from the body.

Select a buoy that is still good, all the straps complete and no parts are torn. Buoy is useful to keep us afloat when plunged into the river and maintain the body remains above the water surface.

Footwear should wear special shoes in the water or at least the mountain sandals, sneakers or other sneakers worn not recommended. Because in addition to weight too slick on the surface of a rubber boat.

Prior to river rafting make sure all the goods and precious jewelry removed and stored in the car or entrusted to the operator, such as a wallet, reading glasses, necklaces, earrings and bracelets because it could have fallen and missing. Watches are not waterproof should not be imposed. Check your pockets to make sure nothing is damaged goods that would hit the water like money, atm card, id cards, hp and so on.

Not advisable to bring a photo or video camera for rafting, because the risk of water damage is very big hit. Usually the documentation rafting rafting operators, photographers put in some great locations to take pictures of exciting rafting activities. Shots are then printed and sold to guests at the finish location.

If you wanted to document the rafting, then convey this plan to the operator. Usually photographers or cameramen will be placed separately, not combined with other guests, in a boat which consists of an experienced guide or pengarung rapids. This is intended to be more secure and easily controlled so that boats can take pictures very well.

Prepare drybag to save the camera. Remove the camera and shoot great moments along the rafting, if conditions warrant, the rapids are not too big and felt safe. If the boat will enter the big rapids, and usually will be notified skipper, then immediately input in drybag. Do not take risks, keep taking pictures in a situation like this. Loved life and your goods.

Prior rafting operators will usually demonstrate a few steps or a safe way when drowned in the river. If we try to position plunged in the river facing forward with feet planted in the ready position. This position meant that we could look around, avoid rocks or strong rapids. Foot we use to hold the body from hitting big rocks.

Skiper or rubber boat captain who was sitting in the back is the boss on the boat. Just follow all orders if you want the boat to stay afloat complete with passengers. If he says advanced, then all passengers must rowing boat forward, if told backwards then all medayung retreat. If in say stop, there should be no one who can paddle.

Although our guests and pay dearly for this adventure tour, but we must be heartened by the skipper wanted on command. If not all will bear the risk plunged into the river or worse upturned boat.

Usually the right side of the front rowers became standard rowing motion, so compact and uniform. Paddling forward all rowing forward, rewind all retreat no clash.

Again, river rafting, usually located in the upper river. So do not think there are crocodiles in the river upstream. Many crocodiles in the river estuary. Animals that we can see along the river are usually monitor lizards, snakes, butterflies, birds, insects and other animals, and everything is safe. There is absolutely no harm pengarungjeram. So let’s let alone the questionable rafting and feel the sensation.