Finding Transportation when Traveling to a Remote Area

Finding Transportation when Traveling to a Remote Area

One of the biggest challenges when walking in remote areas, especially in Indonesia is an archipelagic country, is finding transportation. Natural conditions, weather, and even geography makes transportation uncertain – both in terms of schedule and mode.

Approaching local people
The more remote the location of your tourist destination, the more important to foster good relations with the locals. Show hospitality and adjust behavior. If you’re feeling well received, you can begin to express the point. Explain that you want to explore the areas around and ask how you can achieve that goal. When you have found someone who can accommodate your goals, directly negotiate price and payment method.

Looking for opportunities
In areas with limited infrastructure and transportation modes is uncertain, you have to mentally steel, a little reckless, and daring embarrassed at having to explore a wide range of possibilities. For example, your goal is an isolated island that is not served by regular boat or ferry. You should not bother looking for a ride or gathering of people who will go to the same department, then hire a boat together.

Trial and error
There are times when finding transportation in remote areas is really based on luck. Therefore, you should be diligent in trying to climb a variety of ways by any mode, although not directly to the point of final destination. An important vehicle toward him the same as your destination.

For example, you’re in Sorong and want to Wayag are cheap but there is no public transportation. Then use public transport to the nearest point of Wayag and from there you can look for other opportunities. So there you can find a ride or someone else who can be invited to rent a boat together. If it turns out it locked in place, at least you can explore the local area.

Other sources
Perhaps you think that the village is the place to make ID cards and place the police station to report theft. Actually, such institutions can function more especially in remote areas because at least they have the standard amenities for the benefit of their mobility. When pressed, you can go to any office, explained the problem and pray will given the way out. I’ve had to rent a car agencies because there is no other alternative. Again, the key is the ability of interpersonal relationships and negotiation.

Time and money
Given the high level of difficulty of finding a means of transportation, other factors that need to be prepared is the time and money. Leisure time is certainly long obligatory if you explore the remote areas. It could be the distance that should be taken within five days, so delayed ten hours because you need spinning.

Costs in remote areas must jump many times since in addition to inadequate infrastructure, the people who enter and exit the area is also rare. These costs include not only transportation costs, but also accommodation and food prices.