Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Traditional Art Market - Better than Ubud Traditional Market?

Sukawati Art Market is the biggest local market in Bali to purchase handicrafts and traditional handmade products, covering many blocks on the main road of Sukawati and the perfect place to go for art lovers.

Paintings, wood and bone carvings, statues, bags, shoes, masks, textiles and clothings or jewelry you can find nearly everything what you are looking for at Sukawati Art Market.

Very interesting can get Sukawati Art Market when you arrive at the “food department” as this area is extremely local. You should NOT go there if you are in a weak constitution!

Since the renovation of Ubud Market, Sukawati Art market is the better value and offers you a better traditional environment.

The two-floor buildings, obviously Balinese style, are mostly packed with tourists and locals almost every weekend, especially during summer, Christmas, and New Year’s holiday. During the high season you should go not on your own by car as it could get very difficult to find a parking lot in this area.

The Trip from Kuta to Sukawati Art Market takes in average one hour.

  • Tip 1: Bargaining can be fun and as mentioned already in other market descriptions, it belongs to the Balinese culture. But let the people live. With a 70% Discount you surely can live.
  • Tip 2: Sellers in the second floor are more willing to lower the prices as the most tourists don’t go upstairs. And this has a reason! The second floor of Sukawati Art Market is super hot and reminds you more to a sauna then a shopping area. But if you don’t mind at all, here can you get quicker your 70% discount!
  • Tip 3: Buy paintings unframed. Rolled up, the transportation is by far easier! 
  • Tip 4: A trip to Sukawati Art Market can be perfectly combined with a stop at the “silver village” Celuk. See how the Balinese silversmiths produce the filigree jewelry Bali is very popular for and you usually can’t find at Sukawati Art Market.


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