Samuan Tiga Temple

Pura Samuan Tiga (Pura Samuan Tiga Bali)... an exceptionally unique temple situated in the village of Bedulu, 25km from Denpasar, 5km from Ubud (between Ubud and Tampaksiring), and only 400m from the Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) sanctuary.

Built in the 10th century in the reign of King Chandrasangka Warmadewa (a Balinese King who ruled in this period of time), this sacred temple was the royal temple of the ancient Warmadewa dynasty.
The Balinese believe that Pura Samuan Tiga is a venue for the great meeting of the gods, deities, and saints.

Pura Samuan Tiga offers unique architecture and a stunning view, it’s flanked by two rivers the Pande and Tegending on the east side and the remains of an ancient pool on the west side, with sacred Banyan, Pule and Curiga trees growing around the site. The temple has seven courtyards separated by walls and split gates, but it’s connected by stairs that lead up to the innermost courtyard, which is believed to be the meeting hall of three holy spirits.

  • Additional Information 1: The Name Samuan Tiga is derived from the two Balinese words tiga, which means three and samuan which means meetings.

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