Jembrana Regency - Capital: Negara

Jembrana Area: 842 km2

Jembrana Population: 261.618 (2010)

Jembrana Density: 311/km2

Capital: Negara

A very big part of Jembrana belongs to Bali West National Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat). This fact explains why Jembrana is the regency with the lowest density of population.

Jembrana is probably not as popular as other regencies but offers one attraction which is unique and worth to see. The Buffalo Race in Negara, Jembrana’s capital, is real fun and attracts visitors from all ages.

Also you should think about an excursion in Bali’s West National Park. Learn more about the Flora and Fauna in Jembrana. See the Bali Starling (Leucopsar Rothschildi) which only can be found on Bali and on Nusa Penida(Bali’s undiscovered little sister Island). See Bali’s Mini Deer and enjoy the guided stroll in the jungle.

If you are looking for togetherness and/or want to stay away from mass tourism, this area is really highly recommended.

Plan your Day Trip to Jembrana and combine the following highlights:

  • Negara Buffalo Race
  • Wst National Park

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