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Kuta - Paradise for Australians

Nothing is left from the original Kuta anymore. Restaurants, Spas and Hotels and Resorts have taken over this old fishermen’s village within a decade and it is already very hard to experience the traditional Balinese charm outside of the hotels.

Kuta became Bali’s biggest nightlife and party area by far and is very popular with younger people and Australians. Legian Street is covered with Discotheques, offering the youngsters exactly what they are looking for. Happy Hours, Free Flow's, Rooftop Pool Bars and Events make the perfect hotbed for party seeking people.

Kuta nearly offers an unlimited amount of shopping opportunities in every price category. Those who have the money spend it on a new Cartier at the Duty Free area in front of Mall Bali Galleria. Others find scarves, sunglasses, clothes or handicrafts at malls or local markets. Sellers outside regular malls can be very pushy. Why? Many market shares have been taken over by modern malls and prices have risen. This makes a seller’s life dramatically harder.

Hugo Boss at Beachwalk
(Malls offer great brands - Boss is available at Beachwalk Mall)

If you belong to Kuta’s target group, you will surely enjoy Kuta beach. This roughly 6 kilometres long coastline with white sand is the perfect place to relax. Also, if you are looking for somebody to party with in the evening, making contacts at Kuta Beach is very easy. Last but not least it is a perfect place to learn how to surf. You can find many professional local surfers along the coastline offering to share their knowledge with you.

Kuta Beach - The most popular Beach in Bali
(Bali's most popular Beach - Kuta Beach)

All in, Kuta offers you a lot of opportunities including a lovely sunset and it is value for money. If you like it quieter, more sophisticated or if you are looking for culture, don’t stay in Kuta at all.

10 tips - Things to do and warnings for Kuta

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta
Tip 1 - Go shopping

Kuta is a shopping paradise. From small family businesses at Kuta Market to High End Shopping at Beachwalk Shopping Mall or Discovery Kartika Plaza Shopping Mall, Kuta offers so many opportunities. Obviously, the products you will get on the street are fakes and bargaining is a part of the game. In shopping malls you probably should ask for a license if you are not sure about the quality of the product.

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta 
Tip 2 - Enjoy sunset at Jalan Pantai Kuta (Kuta Beachroad)

Jalan Pantai Kuta, the sunset strip of Kuta, offers nice locations to enjoy the sunset. Go to Beachwalk  and enjoy a sunset cocktail. Cocktails make people hungry! Therefore after the cocktails  enjoy one of the dozens of restaurants on Jalan Pantai Kuta!

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta 
Tip 3 - Learn how to surf with a local

In case you take this tip seriously, don’t choose a big surfing school. Support the local businesses and you can find plenty of them on Kuta Beach. The price is cheaper, the service is probably better, the training is more personal and you support local businesses.

Disadvantage and Warning: You probably won't be able to find a locker service. Therefore make sure you don’t bring any credit cards to the beach, and only carry the money you want to spend!!!

Kuta Beach Bali - Perfect to learn surfing
(Kuta Beach - Learn how to surf with locals)

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta
Tip 4 - Play Pool or Go Bowling

At the opposite end of the Discovery Kartika Plaza you can find Paradiso Bowling. It has about 15 bowling alleys and some pool tables. It is the perfect thing to do if there are bad weather conditions. Also it is a nice family activity.

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta
Tip 5 - See the Magic Show

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta
Tip 6 - Bali Shell Museum

Bali Shell Museum is a neat little place with a nice shell collection. In case you would like to buy some products, Caspla Sea Shell is highly recommended.

All about Shells - The Bali SHell Museum
(All about shells - The shell museum)

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta
Tip 7 - Horse-Drawn Carriages

Taxis can be used anywhere in the world. Although, what do you think about a tour through Kuta in a horse-drawn carriage? It is obviously not as romantic as it would be in a traffic limited area, but it is something special and unique you probably can’t find at home.

What to do in Bali – What to do in Kuta
Tip 8 - Release a Sea Turtle

What to take care of in Bali – What to take care of in Kuta
Tip 9 - Make sure you get the full amount

Money changing is partially a dirty business. Make sure, even if you think you have received the correct amount, you really have the right money in your pocket. Recount the money twice. Put it directly in your pocket after you have agreed! Don’t forget to ask for the changing fee first.

What to take care of in Bali – What to take care of in Kuta
Tip 10 – Legian Street (Jalan Legian)

As everywhere in the world, party places are not free from crime. Especially Legian street. When you are on Jalan Legian you should follow these hints:

  1. Don’t have too much money on you when you go out on Legian Street
  2. Don’t bring any credit cards if you plan to jump into the Nightlife scene
  3. Keep Bags close to your body.
  4. Don’t put your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers.
  5. Don’t get too drunk and lose control!!!
  6. Don’t buy any drugs! Magic Mushrooms are not illegal but our advice is don't take them
  7. Be aware of local gigolos. Their charm is lovely and so are their pilfering hands!

We have to face the fact that Jalan Legian is a place for crime. Jalan Legian does NOT represent Bali and its people. Nearly all of the crime is caused by Indonesians, living illegally in Bali.

Party in Kuta
(Always packed - Parties in Legian, Kuta)

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