For The First Time Baby Hyena was Born in Bali Safari Named by Jessica Iskandar

Gianyar (10/11) – Did you ever see Hyena in Bali? It's been a year, 4 striped hyenas were in Bali Safari Park. The four hyenas, consisting of two females named Manama and Adiiya, and the two males named Hamad and Riffa, became the new idols for the Bali Safari Park visitor.

Bali Safari Park, part of Taman Safari Indonesia Group, became the first conservation institution in Bali to have this unique African animal. Recently, there was good news coming from the female Manama. She gave birth for the first time on Thursday (8/10), the result of her breeding to a male named Riffa. This baby hyena was born healthy in weight 860 grams.

The female hyena did not have a name yet, until on Sunday (8/11) the arrival of the Indonesian actress Jessica Iskandar, who now lives in Bali. The mother of El Barack then gave the name Mooi to the baby hyena. Jedar said, his nickname, Mooi was taken from the Dutch language, which means beautiful. (Photo of Jessica Iskandar with Mooi)

"Hopefully Mooi is always healthy, that's the most important thing, and I hope the doctors and nurses who treat Mooi will also be healthy," Jessica Iskandar said when asked about her hopes for Mooi in the future.

According to dr. Yohana Kusumaningtyas, Bali Safari's senior veterinarian, Mooi is now being treated intensively by doctors team. Because, after 6 days of birth, the mother's milk, Manama, was not sufficient for Mooi's needs. Therefore, as a substitute, Baby Mooi received formula milk every 4 hours.

The dose of formula milk was then adjusted to the growth and results of Moii's daily weight scales. After 2 weeks since birth, Baby Mooi's eyes were already open. A week later, his teeth began to grow and he had learned to walk. It was only after he turned 1 month old that baby Mooi was introduced to complementary foods with milk.

Mooi's birth is a pride for Bali Safari Park. According to Bali Safari Park Assistant Curator, Nyoman Suartawan, Mooi's birth was the result of the hard work of all parties in Bali Safari Park, including the animals keeper who consistently apply the principles of good animal management. In the future, Nyoman Suartawan hopes that there will be more animal breeding in the Bali Safari Park, both endemic to Indonesia and from abroad.

Thomas Colbert, Bali Safari Park General Manager, also expressed his joy. "A joy that cannot decribe with any words. This is because we as a conservation institution have succeeded in breeding this unique animal for the first time Bali or maybe even in Indonesia. What's more, during the Covid-19 pandemic conditions, " General Manager of Bali Safari Park, Thomas Colbert said. "We invite visitors to see this baby Hyena together. Take it easy, the Bali Safari team applies strict health protocols and our entire area is always disinfecting for the safety and comfort of visitors," Thomas said.

The success of Hyena breeding of course also be realized thanks to the support from all walks of life who never tire of supporting animal conservation activities at the Bali Safari Park. Support was not only in the form of #kitacintasatwa donations, but also with #timetosafari visits to Bali Safari Park. The hope is that Mooi will stay healthy and continue to grow well, so he can meet Bali Safari Park visitors soon.

"#Kitacintasatwa is a form of campaign or invitation from Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Group to people who want to donate and support animal conservation activities. It was launched since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and is still ongoing today. The success of this breeding is our success together in safe endangered animals, " Head of Digital Marketing for Taman Safari Indonesia Group, Daniel Thian said. TB-DD/CP

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