The History of Bali 600 BCE - 800 CE

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The History of Bali - Bali History 600 BCE – 800 BCE: Bronze Age

The History of Bali: 600 BCE – 800 BCE 

The Bronze Age

A Bronze Age period

follows from around 600 BCE to 800 CE. Between the 8th and 3rd century BCE, the island of Bali acquired the “Dong Son” metallurgical techniques spreading from Northern Vietnam. These techniques involved sophisticated casting from moulds, with spiral and anthropomorphic motifs.

As mould fragments have been found in the area of Manuaba in Bali, it is thought that such implements were manufactured locally rather than imported. The raw material to make bronze (copper and tin) had to be imported however, as it is not available on Bali.

Numerous bronze tools and weapons were made (axes, cooking tools, jewellery), and ceremonial drums from that period are also found in abundance, such as the “Moon of Pejeng”, the largest ceremonial drum yet found in Southeast Asia, dated to around 300 BCE.

The stone sarcophagi were still in use during that period, as bronze artifacts were also found in them. 


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