Tanjung Benoa Area

The City of Tanjung Benoa

The No.1 Water Sport Area in Bali


Enjoy a great time on the ocean

You would like to have a great time out on the ocean? You love Banana Boat, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Diving or Jet Ski?

All these things and more can be found in Tanjung Benoa. You will find in Tanjung Benoa nearly an unlimited amount of companies which offer these fun activities.

You can combine in Tanjung Benoa Watersport Activities with a relaxing Spa treatment and a romantic Dinner at one of Tanjung Benoa's Beach Clubs.

Check out the water sport activities listed separately on this application to find out how your great day out could look like.

Costs depending on activities

Additional important application Information:Additional important application Information:
The GPS data for this location is already confirmed! Access " Things to do and see in Bali " - Tanjung Benoa Area Sightseeing with our free holiday application and the GPS will guide you to the Tanjung Benoa's mainroad where you can find plenty of water sport companies and restaurants!  Enjoy Tanjung Benoa and all opportunities in this regency!!!

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