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What to do and see in Indonesia? - Things to do and see in Bali, Indonesia
Things to do and see in Bali - Traditional Markets in Bali, Indonesia

Sulawesi Traditional Market

Pasar Sulawesi -  Market in the middle of Denpasar

Sulawesi Market, a fabric heaven in Denpasar

Sulawesi Market (Jalan Sulawesi) is simply a fabric heaven. Many fabric shops stretch along Jalan Sulawesi in the center of Denpasar.

All those who are interested in textiles should have been to here once. Nearly an unlimited amount of fabrics are on stock. As everywhere on Bali you have to negotiate to get good prices. By the way prices, a meter of a “quite ok suiting” is about 50.000 Rupiah (about 5 USD), a real bargain!

But Sulawesi Market Bali does not only offer raw materials. You also can find a lot of traditional clothes here. In case you are looking for a Kebaya (Indonesian blouse-dress combination, Take care of your husband as the modern stylish ones are so sexy!), Udeng, Kamen, Safari or Koko, you can find all traditional outfits and accessories on Sulawesi Street.

In between all these fabric shops some other shops are waiting for your attention!

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