Seganing Waterfall in Nusa Penida Island

Passionate travelers are aware of Nusa Penida Island’s beauty. This explains why lots of tourists visit the island over time, especially during long holidays. What are the reasons? The richness in natural attractions indeed becomes the prime reason. In Bunga Mekar Village, for example, tourists may find Seganing Waterfall. The locals also call it Sebuluh Waterfall, actually. One thing that makes it different is the location, which resides in a dry hill with a scarce number of trees. Not to mention it is located in a secluded location and offers a peaceful nuance for relaxation.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Seganing Waterfall looks so amazing with its rocky landscape. The water goes directly to the sea and the waterfall features several levels of rocks where the water passes through. On the site, tourists may see several lush bushes too. Another great feature is the fresh air and comfy ambiance. The waterfall is located in a highland, after all, so it has a fresh weather. Here is the tip. Everyone should visit the location only during the hot season. Why is that? The purpose is to avoid a slippery surface of wooden stairs when heading to the site.

Exploring Seganing Waterfall
Seganing Waterfall has many features that may impress all visitors. For example, it is related to the tall landscape. That means tourists can enjoy a natural exploration in that area. In some cases, it is even possible to reach the top part of the waterfall. What tourists need are a good stamina and suitable footwear. The slippery and challenging ground is considered risky, so everyone should be careful during the exploration.

Photography becomes the next reason why many people visit Seganing Waterfall. Despite the small water discharge, the waterfall has several levels. The water is fresh and clean, so visitors can take advantage of it for washing face or hands. Here is a disappointment. Tourists are not allowed to swim or bathing under the waterfall, due to big waves that often reach the below part of the falls. Instead, visitors can enjoy sightseeing and exploration to their heart’s content. The waterfall is located in the bottom of a steep cliff, after all.

Another recommended thing to do in Seganing Waterfall is fishing! The site features a good spot for fishing, which is at the land around the waterfall. Tourists should carry their fishing rod and come with a local for the best catches, though. As an alternative, they can simply sit by the waterfall and enjoy the ambiance. What a great spot for relaxation in Indonesia!

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