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No discussion needed, children are our greatest gift and we try to spend as much as time as possible with them. However, some of us deserve at least a little break during the holiday. Romantic Dinners, Cultural Dinners, Shopping or maybe Day Tours would like to be enjoyed in child free togetherness.

Dining by Design - Romantic Dinners at Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa
(Romantic Dinners with kids? - NO way!!!)

For these cases, travelling BALI has built up a community of private Nannies offering a very special service for young families travelling with babies or kids to Bali:

The Private Nanny Childcare and Babysitting Service by travelling BALI!

We already apologise in advance to all the Ladies who would like to shop without an annoying husband or boy-friend as this service has an age limit. Although, we can highly recommend some sports Bars in Kuta showing live games and having happy hours starting as early as 10am.

Who is behind travelling Bali's Babysitting and Childcare Service?

Behind travelling Bali's Babysitting and Childcare Service is a community of local, well trained BALINESE Nannies and Babysitters, with a minimum experience of 3 years in babysitting and childcare.

Bali Nanny
(Truly Balinese - Nanny with her children)

The Quality of travelling BALI's Babysitting and Childcare Service!

As there is nothing else in the Balinese Culture more important than children, you can rest assured that your kids and babies are in great hands and the Private Nannies Service is simply extraordinary.

The 4 pillars that the Babysitting and Childcare service is based on:

  • In-Hotel Nanny Service:

travelling BALI's babysitting and childcare service is an in-hotel service.

As we only want the best for your babies and children in an absolutely safe environment, travelling Bali's Babysitting and Childcare Service takes place at your Hotel, Resort or Villa! All Nannies will come to your place of living and stay there to take care of your loved small ones.

  • ​Customized for the kids:

The exclusive one to one service insures that the individual needs of the kids are covered.

Tell your private Nanny what your kids like to play, the Number 1 food that your kids like to eat, give her a schedule of specific things that have to be done but also tell the Nanny what your kids are not allowed to do. She will follow your desires and your kids will get the attention they deserve.

  • Customized for the parents:

Do you require a Nanny of a certain age? Are you looking for a Nanny who has her own children? Do you prefer a Nanny with a minimum amount of experience in babysitting and childcare?

By asking these questions we not only want to make sure the kids get pampered, we also want YOU to enjoy the full day trip without any worries. Get the best suited Nanny for your baby or children.

  • Permanent connection with the Nanny:

Reach your Nanny whenever it is necessary. Ask her the questions which are most important to you or speak to your kids whenever you have the feeling you need to get in touch.

Repeater Guests stand for Quality:

Repeat booking requests simply stand for quality, and we have plenty of them. Speak to us today and enjoy one or more days in Bali child free but know that your baby or children are in good hands.

Additional Information:

  • Please book a minimum of 2 days in advance
  • Nanny Service subject to availability
  • Available in the following areas:
    Bukut, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Tanjung Benoa, Tuban, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Denpasar, Sanur, Ubud
  • Half Day - $40.00 / Full Day - $65.00 / Overnight on request


Enjoy your togetherness

The travelling BALI Team


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