Mason Adventures - formerly Bali Adventure Tours

Mason Adventures (formerly Bali Adventure Tours) is Bali’s critically-acclaimed and longest-established adventure tour operator, featuring unrivaled, world-class interactions, facilities and services to bring you the island’s only premium adventure experiences. We’re a family-run business that completely owns all of our operations, including our fleet of GPS-controlled buses that ties it all together, as well as our exclusive and free ‘Helicopter Medivac Service’ in the case of any life-threatening emergency for all of our guests. Our friendly and professional staff are among the best in the industry, and as Bali’s safest, most efficient and eco-friendly adventure company, you can always count on us to provide you with an unforgettable experience.




With almost 30 years of adventure experience, we are renowned in Bali as being the best and no other adventure tour operator comes close. Our company offers ‘5-Star’ facilities and service from start to finish with a 100% money back guarantee as we own and operate ALL our tours. You pay for what you get and we guarantee you the complete premium experience from start to finish.


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