Lemukih Waterfalls Bali

Lemukih Waterfall Bali Indonesia (Air Terjun Lemukih Bali Indonesia) 

Lemukih Falls nearly has the same characteristics as Sekumpul Waterfalls as they are located in the neighborhood of Sekumpul village in the Sawan district. The trip to these three beauties also takes about 3 hours from Kuta, Nusa Dua or Jimbaran and the distance is also about the same.

However even more parallels can be found: 

You should not try to go there on your own because there are no signs to guide you.

Hikers have the option to do a 5 hour guided jungle trek 

People in this area are amazingly friendly.

You can experience the “original Bali” away from mass tourism, if you book the trekking tour.

You have to cross rapidly moving rivers if go on the trekking tour.

You should bring a waterproof pouch.

The Tour is physically demanding.

The only difference is the accessibility. The parking area is pretty close the footpath and it’s easy to manage.  Lemukih consists of 3 waterfalls, offering you the perfect postcard picture scenery. Swim or splash in the pools underneath Lemukih falls or simply relax there. Become one with nature and feel the energy of this overwhelming place.


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