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Access "Things to do and see in Bali - Kuta Beach Sightseeing" with our free holiday application and the GPS will guide you to Kuta Beach, a very touristy beach in South Bali.

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South Bali Beaches - Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach - Many Tourists but also many opportunities

Kuta Beach is surely not the nicest and cleanest beach at all. What makes Kuta Beach so special is an unlimited amount of Dining, Spa and Shopping  opportunities located along this roughly seven kilometer long ‘white’ sand beach.

Due to all the opportunities along it, Kuta Beach is the perfect place for everybody to spend a full day.

Many local Surfing schools offer a great opportunity to take your first steps on a board.

If you stroll along the promenade the taxi drivers and sales people can be a little bit annoying, just shake your head, smile and walk away.

In case you do want to make a purchase, remember bargining is a must as they will try to charge you a small fortune to begin with.

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