Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida Island

After exploring the famous Bali Island, tourists should consider visiting Nusa Penida Island, which is located in the southeast of it. This small island becomes the homes lots of stunning beaches! One of them is called Kelingking Beach and the location is in Bunga Mekar Village. Some people call it T-Rex Beach, as well. It is because the beach resides beside the famous cliff, having a similar shape to a tyrannosaurus rex! In terms of name, though, “Kelingking” means a pinkie. That area is suitable for photography, beach walking, as well as diving.

The Nuance
The beach is located beside the famous Kelingking cliff. No wonder, it looks secluded and quite peaceful. After all, tourists need to give some efforts in order to reach the shoreline. Have no worries. The access is available and visitors can even get on the top of the cliff and conduct either sightseeing or photography up there. As for the shoreline, it has a short landscape but features an exotic white sandy surface. When it comes to the sea, it looks shallow and comes with small waves. In that area, tourists can even find the famous Manta Point, which is suitable for snorkeling and diving.

Exploring Kelingking Beach
Kelingking Beach is located in a strategic area. Tourists only need to reach Bunga Mekar Village first. Next, they should go down the cliff in order to reach the site. The shoreline is short and it features a tall hill, where tourists should explore later. For those who love sightseeing, they should stay on the top of the hill and watch nearby scenery first before going down! Don’t forget to take photos later. For the information, the locals also call it Karang Dawa Beach!

Once arriving at the site, tourists can feel the pristine ambiance right away. No trash is seen on the shoreline and visitors are even allowed to build a tent. They should carry their tent and other equipment, though. What is next? In Kelingking Beach, tourists may find a secret diving point called Manta Point. Thus, they can enjoy either snorkeling or diving to explore underwater scenery to their heart’s content! They even have a high chance to see exotic giant manta rays ion that area!

The next reason why Kelingking Beach popular is related to the location. The fact is the beach resides near to another famous vacation spot called Paluang Beach, where a sacred famous is located. The locals call it Car Temple, actually. Thus, all tourists should not forget to drop by in that location after exploring Kelingking later.

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