Kebo Edan Temple

Kebo Edan Temple Bali  (Pura Kebo Edan Bali) 

Treasures Hidden On The Island - Bali's Undiscovered Temples

Kebo Edan Temple Bali (Pura Kebo Edan)... located in the West Gianyar Regency in Pejeng Village, near the famous Penataran Sasih Temple. Kebo Edan Temple has attracted numerous travellers as well as foreign archaeologists.

Kebo Edan is thought to have been built in the 13th century after Kertanegara conquered the Kingdom of Bali in 1282 AD.

Many historical artefacts of pre Hinduism remain hidden at the ancient temple of Kebo Edan, which translates to “Crazy Buffalo”. This refers to the animals which guard the cave – two buffalo carvings.

It formerly functioned as a place of worship for the Bhairawa sect, the remains of which are still housed in the temple. The most spectacular is a huge sculpture of Bhairawa, symbolizing the God of death, and Shiva, who is shown to be dancing.

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