Jagatnatha Denpasar Temple


Jagatnatha Temple Bali (Pura Jagatnatha Bali)

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Jagatnatha Temple (Pura Jagatnatha Bali)...

...is located in the center of Bali’s capital ‘Denpasar City’, about 45 minutes' drive from Kuta, east of Puputan Badung Square Garden, and is the biggest temple in Bali’s busiest city.

Due to the strategically perfect location, Pura Jagatnatha is still a very busy temple. Especially during Bali’s most important holidays such as Galungan and Kuningan but also during the full moon, with both, family members and young Balinese students praying together at this temple. Jagatnatha Temple is categorized as Kahyangan Temple and has become an altar to the god for Hindu people.

The difference between Jagatnatha Temple and other temples is that the maintenance is not done by Pengemong (a group of local villagers or organized teams), the support comes in this case from worshipers, praying regularly at Pura Jagatnatha and volunteers.

Due to the plenty of ceremonies and activities at Jagatnatha Temple, it has become over the last few years a very popular attraction and is visited by thousands of tourists all  year round.

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