Integrated Management For Private and Commercial Properties In Bali

SWOI is an integrated management company for private and commercial properties in Bali, Indonesia. We have been engaged in the local real estate market for over 3 years.

Currently we have 22 employees who manage 20 properties that bring investors up to 25% profit per year. We have top managers that are high-class specialists with experience in the best local and international companies.
To achieve maximum efficiency, we have created three specialized departments engaged in:
•    private and commercial properties development;
•    existing properties management;
•    Real Estate Agency activities.
Such structured approach ensures a complete sales cycle, which makes investors confident of achieving their profit.
Since SWOI is a company receiving commissions for its services as a share of profits, we are highly interested in maximizing the benefits for our clients.

We cooperate with the best European developers who use technologies specially designed for the island's weather and seismic conditions. Thanks to these technologies, introduction, the buildings' service life significantly increases compared to traditional construction methods.

Within the trust management framework, we take over:
•    Investment objects search
•    Ready-built properties management
•    Contracts drafting
•    Taxes optimization
•    Accounting & legal services
•    Monitoring of contract compliance
•    Contractors' quality control
•    Ad & info clients support
•    Financial and progress report

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