Guyangan Water Spring in Nusa Penida Island

Tourists would have a good time when spending a vacation in Nusa Penida Island. After all, many types of natural attractions reside in that region. Here is an example. The name is Guyangan Water Spring, which is located in Batukandik Village. The location is also near to Guyangan Waterfall, so tourists are able to enjoy two beautiful vacation spots in the same visit. The location is on the slope of the cliff, so the site also offers amazing panoramas. As for tourist activities, visitors can enjoy bathing, photography, sightseeing, and exploration.

The Nuance
One thing that makes Guyangan Water Spring unique is none other than the location. It resides on a hill, so tourists need to give some efforts to reach the site. For the information, 700 stairs reside in that area on where tourists can use to explore the site. The stairs are installed on the slope of the hill, actually, so tourists must be careful when walking. Have no worries. The reward is quite impressive. Tourists may find a serene beautiful natural pond up there. Located near to it, there is even an astonishing waterfall!

Exploring Guyangan Water Spring
The most impressive thing is that the water spring resides on a hillside slope. That means tourists may see both stunning water spring and highland panoramas. No wonder, it is chosen as one of the best vacation spots in Nusa Penida Island. Another fact is that the local drinking company manages it to supply fresh water to nearby villages. Have no worries. Tourists can get further information regarding the site either from a local guide or villagers, later.

From the parking area, tourists need to take stairs and head to the water spring right away. The distance is 450 meters and it has a steep condition. No wonder, everyone should give more efforts in order to get there. Along the way to the site, tourists are able to witness beautiful panoramas including sea scenery and cliffs. The height may scarce some tourists, but the beauty soothes them all. The stairs are considered extreme, though, which are installed on the side of the hill. Thus, tourists must walk on it carefully.

The best thing to do in Guyangan Water Spring is photography or sightseeing. This explains why most tourists would carry a digital camera or smartphone when heading to the site. Here is another important consideration. Tourists should hire a local guide who is able to show the exact direction to the water spring.

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