Don’t Interrupt Any Religious Processions

What to take care of in Bali? - Don’t Interrupt Any Religious Processions.

Religious processions in Bali occur fairly regularly, particularly during high holy days like Nyepi. These Balinese religious processions take precedence over your trip, no question. So if you’re stuck behind a procession on a narrow road, do not honk your horn or otherwise cause a ruckus.

Inside a Balinese temple, there are a few rules you should follow to maintain proper behavior during any religious event. The level of your head should never be higher than that of the priest, for instance. Avoid using flash photography in the temple. And under no circumstance should you walk in front of praying Balinese!

As “Western” and modern as much of Bali presents itself, the native culture of Bali provides a firm and tangible bedrock on which Balinese behavior and relationships are built. So if you’re going to visit Bali with a mind to visiting the island’s temples and meeting the local people, you’ll need to mind your manners to stay on good terms with the locals.

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