Do Not Stay Too Long In The Sun

What to take care of in Bali? - Do Not Stay Too Long In The Sun...

... or wear at least plenty of sunblock as Bali's sun can be really dangerous. Sunburn can easily ruin your Bali vacation. The simple application of high-SPF sunscreen can forestall the agony of UV-burned skin.

Sunscreen is important, particularly for an island as close to the equator as Bali: sunlight travels through less atmosphere in tropical regions compared to temperate areas like Europe and most of the U.S., so more burning ultraviolet reaches your skin in a shorter time. There’s also less variation in UV intensity all year round, so you need to put on that sunscreen, whatever time of the year you decide to visit Bali. Get sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) of no lower than 40.

If you want to minimize use of sunscreen, or if you ran out of the stuff, just minimize the time you spend in the sun. Seek the shade when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky between 10am and 3pm. Make sure you stay where the sun isn’t reflected up from the sand or the water – ultraviolet radiation is also reflected up from these surfaces.

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