Denpasar Area

Denpasar Area - Capital: Denpasar

  • Denpasar (Indonesian: Kota Denpasar) – The capital of Bali
  • Area: 124 km2
  • Population: 788.500
  • Density: 6359/km2
  • Capital: Denpasar

In the early 1990’s, due to the massively growing tourism in the south of Bali, Bali’s capital was changed from Singaraja to Denpasar.  

Denpasar offers some nice museums and a couple of other local attractions, but it should be not chosen as the place for your stay if you are looking for relaxation. Also most of the consulates and Embassies are located in Denpsar. Denpasar has no beach access at all. The Hotels in Denpasar are preferentially used by local Business Travellers.

Denpasar is a very crowded place and polluted as every capital, all over the world. As Bali’s Tourism, Denpasar is outperforming other cities in terms of growth. Within about 20 years, the population has grown about 50%, an enormous number.  The infrastructure is still not able to handle this massive change and this causes regularly traffic jam.

Never the less, you should experience Denpasar’s hustle and bustle at least once. Make great bargains at Bali’s biggest market, visit some of Bali’s most popular Museums or eat at a local Warung. The following links will help you to organize a trip to Bali’s biggest City.

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