Belahpoh Sunrise Point in Nusa Penida Island

Two things make a wonderful vacation, which is the best destination and the right moment. As for a distinct experience, in this case, tourists must consider visiting Nusa Penida Island. It belongs to Bali Province and becomes the home of exotic natural attractions, actually. Here is the thing. For those who love an adventure, sightseeing, and photography, they should visit Belahpoh Sunrise Point. The location is in Pejukutan Village and it stands across to the famous Molenteng Hill. No wonder, the popularity is excellent and the number of visitors is quite high especially during weekends.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Belahpoh Sunrise Point resides in front of Molenteng Hill, which is known for its Rumah Pohon. The nuance is secluded and the weather is warm. This hidden vacation spot is indeed suitable for relaxation or getting rid of stresses. Tourists may see various types of panoramas up there, including majestic cliffs, astonishing blue sea, small islands on the horizon, and much more! In fact, tourists may see 7 stunning islands from that viewing spot. The height of the cliff is around 150 meters and it faces the Indian Ocean directly. As for the best panorama, it would be the sunrise in the morning, without a doubt!

Exploring Belahpoh Sunrise Point
In terms of location, Belahpoh Sunrise Point is considered strategic. It resides near to the famous Pelilit steep cliff in the southern part of Titi Bahu, after all. Not to mention it faces Molenteng Hill directly. That means the panorama and nuance are similar to those places. Tourists may see beautiful sea scenery that comes with blue wavy water. The site looks secluded and it has an untouched environment, too.

Once arriving at Belahpoh Sunrise Point, tourists can start exploring the beauty. The most noticeable one is the formation of 7 stunning isles that surround the site. Thus, everyone should take photos of those islands later. In fact, during a good weather, tourists are able to see the top peak of Mount Rinjani and Lombok Island! What tourists need to consider is only the right time to visit the location and the best spot for sightseeing. Somehow, hiring a local guide becomes a good idea.

Still, the most famous allure in Belahpoh Sunrise Point is definitely the sunrise, as the name suggests. That moment soothes both mind and body, so tourists must come early if they don’t want to miss the sunrise. The good thing is visitors don’t need to pay anything to get in that area, either for sightseeing or doing other things.

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