Banah Clifts In Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is an island of thousand beaches. It is because tourists won’t run out of beaches to explore when visiting the island. One of them is located in Batumadeg Village, which is called Banah Beach. Tourists only need to reach Banjar Salak if they want to get to the beach later. The main allure is definitely the beauty, but it also has other attractiveness. For instance, it is related to the strategic location. The beach is located near to the famous Tembeling Spring, which tourists can explore later. In terms of beauty, the beach is similar to that of Bali’s Uluwatu.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, it offers a significant serenity. It is because the beach is located in the midst of the sea! That means tourists need to ride a boat in order to reach it. The shoreline is short, but it comes with an exotic landscape. Tourists should not expect a white sandy shoreline, though. Perhaps, the most noticeable feature is the holey big cliff that covers the beach. From afar, it looks unique and becomes a great object for photography. This distinctness makes the beach popular among tourists, therefore. Visitors won’t complain even though they need to rent a boat to get there.

Exploring Banah Beach
Banah Beach is quite different as compared to others. It is because the shoreline is surrounded by sea. This means tourists must ride a boat in order to the location. The beach is the part of a small island and it even features a big coral cliff or reef. A big hollow beautifies this reef, as well. Thus, tourists would be able to take a wonderful photo of it, especially from the boat before getting on the island.

Both the Banah Beach and Banah Cliff become an allure for tourists. On the top of the cliff, several small tresses and grasses reside. As for the shoreline, it looks serene and comfortable. The number of visitors is low, due to the difficult accessibility. Despite the fact, the beach becomes a perfect spot for relaxation or lessening. At least, people can get away from their daily routines and find peace for a while before heading back to their works.

Sightseeing and relaxation become two major things that tourists often do in Banah Beach. What is more? Visitors decide to get in the sea for either snorkeling or diving. Due to the absence of facilities and services in that area, everyone should carry their gear and equipment. It is also recommended to rent a boat for reaching a better diving spot later.

Nearby Attractions

  • Nusa Penida Traditional House
  • Tembeling Beach
  • Seganing Cliff

How to Get There
Before heading to Nusa Penida Island, tourists must reach Bali Island first (especially for those coming from outside the region). Have no worries. They can get there fast by airplane. From Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport), the trip may take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Once tourists arrive at Denpasar City (Ngurah Rai Airport), they should reach Sanur Port by taking By Pass Ngurah Rai Street. This trip takes around 31 minutes, as the distance is 17.3 km. From Sanur, a voyage to Nusa Penida Island may take around 40 minutes. After they arrive at Toyapakeh Port, the destination is Banah Beach and the best route is Raya Klumpu Street. From the information, the distance is 18.2 km, so this trip takes around 49 minutes.


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