Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly like an eagle? Being in heights like never before with Bali Paratrike.

Bali Paratrike is a new and exciting flying activity, it is a seated paraglider geared with back engine and a set of wheels. This flying activity can be enjoyed by all ages and does not require specific physical fitness and ability. Be the witness of scenic journey over the breathtaking landscapes and coastline of Bali. Feel the freedom sensation of flying over the best view from high above and the amazing mountain areas. You will see the most beautiful scenery of Bali above 100m.

As a professional tour operator, Bali Paratrike has several excellences and will satisfy your desire to fly. We have professional staffs gladly to help and assist you to actualize your dream to fly and we have a lot of achievements on aviation sports and recreation. Furthermore, we are the only one aviation tour operator which has been standardized and recommended by supervisor and control activities of aviation sport in province Bali.

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