Bali Taman Sari Resort & Spa Bali Taman Sari Resort & Spa Bali Taman Sari Resort & Spa

Bali Taman Sari Resort & Spa

Far removed from the busy Bali tourist centers, the unspoiled northwest offers a view into the uniqueness of Bali. Still undeveloped, with nature and marine parks preserving the area, one finds a grand expanse of coconut groves and beautiful ancient temples dotting the landscape. The magnificent volcanoes of Java are a perfect backdrop for spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Taman Sari blends wonderfully with nature. Luxurious cottages and suites were built using natural indiginous materials in a relaxed setting surrounded by tranquil gardens and ponds. The surrounding mountains enhance the beauty and tranquility of Taman Sari, a perfect place for families as well as newlyweds. Anyone can enjoy the many features offered here.

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