Hot Glass Workshops - Make your own Glass Paperweight

Hot Glass Workshops - Make your own Glass Paperweight


2-Hour Introduction:
Hot Glass; Paperweights & Flowers

Basic Description:

Prerequisite: None

Students will learn how to handle, control, manipulate, and shape hot molten glass on an iron rod known as a “Pontil Iron” (aka rod or pipe).

Detailed Description:

Step 1, Instructors Paperweight Demonstration

Instructor demonstrates basics of the shop, safety, tools, techniques, and creating a simple object such as a paperweight.

Step 2, Students Work Session 1

One by one, students apply what they have learned and create their own paperweight.


Flower Session if there is time remaining:

Step 3, Flower Demonstration

Instructor creates a flower following the same steps as in the paperweight demonstration.

Step 4, Students Work Session 2

One by one, each student will create a flower or an egg paperweight following the same procedure as the instructor.

Course Schedule

Our schedules are presently created on an ad hoc basis as time alows with our regular work load.

For the 2 hour introduction course we prefer to have 4 persons but will provide a shorter session for 2 persons.

For booking simply send us an email with your desired dates and we will see what is possible. Please contact us.
Thank You.



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